4.Handicapped passengerlift truck

Purpose: This vehicle is used for carrying handicapped passengers from the terminal to the aircraft and used for boarding of passengers on to it.

This vehicle is equipped with the passengers cabin mounted on the scissor’s link mechanism, stabilizing jacks, rear hydraulic tail lifter unit, air conditioning unit in the cabin, fixing devices for wheel chair, and stretcher.
TLW-560HP (The cabin mounted on double scissor’s link mechanism, max floor height: 5.5 m, max capacity: 500 kg)
TLB-6000HP (The cabin mounted on the single scissors link type, max floor height: 6 m, max. capacity: 1,000 kg)

  TLW-560HP (Max. floor height: 5.5 m)

  TLB-6000HP (Max. floor height: 6.0 m)