Isaburo Inusuka who came from Imari City established Inutsuka Mfg. Co., Ltd. in 1919 as Japan’s first manufacturer of specially equipped vehicles. It is, therefore, no exaggeration to say that the history of Japan's specially-equipped vehicles began at that moment.

  Since then, the Company has devoted itself to the research and development of various specially-equipped vehicles over a long term of year, and has placed on the market a great number of Japan’s first specially-equipped vehicles including dump trucks developed in 1919, tank lorries of elliptical welded construction, aircraft fueling trucks, vacuum vehicles, derrick-type mobil lifts, water removing trucks, truck mixers, refuse collection vehicles, street sweeping vehicles, bulk concrete trucks (screw type and pneumatic type), ladder-type mobil lifts and ground equipment for airports. Our products are easy to use and technically highly reliable, thus finding a wide range of uses both at home and abroad. We are self- confident that this is the outcome of our technologies and results of performance accumulated through a long history.

  In 1993, Inutsuka Mfg. Co. completed its new Chiba Head Office and Chiba Plant (plottage: 31,000m2)in Shibayama Town, Chiba Pref., adjacent to the Narita International Airport, in order to positively tackle with the increasing demand for airport equipment toward the 21st century.

  Based on such technologies and achievements, the Company is also making constant efforts for the research and development of new models, even toward new fields to meet the needs in the new age, in addition to its main line of products for airports, electric power industries, etc. we believe that our mission is to develop safe and easy-to-use products backed by technologies. We will make further efforts so that we can prove of some assistance to you in this field and contribute to society. And, for this purpose, your continued support and encouragement toward us will be highly appreciated.

  In this homepage, our standard products are listed, and additional specially equipped vehicles of various types are available upon request to meet your design and production requirement.